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SMT IV coming to NA this Summer. You guys have no idea how fucking excited I am for this. The sequel to one of my favorite games of all time.

Oh my god SMT IV THIS FUCKING SUMMER!!! Atlus is god.

A month and a half later and I’m still playing Fire Emblem: Awakening.

This game has consumed me.

Not gonna lie, probably going to dip on the 3DS XL. I play my 3DS almost exclusively at home, so the larger screens and increased battery life are perfect. That and I still play A LOT of old DS games on my 3DS. With the XL, the 1:1 view for DS games will actually be pretty close to the proper DS size, as opposed to looking like a postage stamp like on the current 3DS.

Seeing em side by side like that shows just how much bigger the XL’s screens are, and that picture is actually what kind of sold me on it.

Well that and the fact I’m an absolute whore for nintendo handhelds >.>

Nintendo’s conference was boring

Pikmin and the the couple 3DS games they showed, and that was about it for interesting stuff shown. Everything else I’ll have played/will be able to play on other systems before the Wii U is even out. And way too much time spent on that Nintendo Land crap. Honestly on par with sony’s lackluster showing, though still better than MS’s train wreck. All 3 of the big 3 had mediocre showings this year. smh.

Hopefully the roundtable tonight and the 3DS Showcase tomorrow evening will be more interesting.

…Ubisoft ended up with the best conference this year. Ubisoft. How the fuck did that happen?

This arrived in the mail from Club Nintendo today.

Best. case. ever.

Resident Evil Revelations has been officially dated for release in North America and Europe. The game will be landing on European shores on January 27th for Europe (being distributed by Nintendo themselves) and on February 7th in NA. Its honestly coming a lot sooner than many of us expected, and perhaps we’ll avoid nintendo’s usual post-holiday drought.

Along with the game, preordering the game from Gamestop in NA will land you a special edition case with your 3DS. No word on if any similar offer will be extended to Europe.