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Okay so I know a lot of my followers are big Final Fantasy fans. Just tossing this out as both an awesome charity run, as well as an interesting way to play a great classic.

To briefly explain - You sign up to do a playthough of FFV. The catch is that you’re only allowed to use 1 class per crystal. So for example I got Blue Mage for the Wind Crystal. I can use Blue Mages and only Blue Mages until I get to the Water Crystal. Say I get Summoner there. From that point I have to have at least 1 Summoner and 1 Blue mage on my team, with the other two folks being one of the two. And so on until all four crystals and you have a complete roster of 4 classes.

Join in! It makes for an awesome and fascinating run of a classic like FFV. If you haven’t played it before or simply don’t have the time - Make a donation if it’s within your means to do so.

Charity and Awesome classics. What more can you ask for?

Reaper of Souls has consumed my life (as I expected it would).

Just figured i’d let you all know. Now time to go explore more rifts :D

Just saw some of the new Thief footage and was reading PCGamers impressions and…

Ugh. I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, but this does not look like the thief game I was hoping it would be. Gonna cancel my preorder.

Hell yeah. First platinum trophy ever, for my (new) favorite game ever. Actually feels kind of weird to know I’m “done” with the game now. Persona 4 Golden was one hell of an experience, especially given a lot of the subject matter it deals with in regards to death/loss/grief, playing and beating it within a month of my brother passing away. In so many ways it hit almost too close to home, but that also made it resonate all the more with me.

Great stuff.

Holy shit.

I can’t stop laughing.

That is so bad. Looks like something right out of Mortal Kombat 1. Its even better (or worse depending on your perspective) when you sit there and try and pinpoint how many “twins” there are.

Can’t believe that made it to a retail product. Its so hilariously bad and I still can’t stop laughing.

Judging by the Xbone reviews coming out tonight, this seems to be the consensus on kinect 2.0’s voice recognition.

Knack is awesome as hell

Despite what the reviewers say… but I swear this god damn game is Dark Souls for kids. Easy is apparently pretty simple, but playing it on normal or hard? This game is unforgiving as fuck.

Got my finalized receipt from gamestop, some (joking) grief from my manager for not buying any games with my PS4, and am ready to go.

4 hours and I’ll have it. Cannot wait. So fucking hyped.

Decided to take advantage of Target’s B2G1 sale. Now the long wait till Friday.

Pretty bummed right now.

So I tried to get some help from my Free Company for about 30 mins (to avoid this exact situation) to no avail, and ended up queueing for the final story dungeon of FFXIV solo. 

Ended up getting locked out of two fights (including the final battle) because I was watching cutscenes and one of our tanks was an asshole who was all “lolnopegottaspeenrunastorydungeon”.

At least the cutscenes were awesome, but still. Just bummed. God forbid someone cares about the story in a Final Fantasy game.