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Got my PS4 Preordered :D

Sony wins E3. They did not disappoint. Consumer ownership and trust with no DRM. Destiny. Final Fantasy. Kingdom Hearts. Infamous. The Order 1886. $399 price point.

They had one job and they did *not* screw it up. I can’t wait for the PS4. So excited. Thank you based sony.

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Gonna say that Sony’s conference was a solid C

Better than MS by a mile, but nothing too noteworthy and nothing we weren’t already expecting (with the exception of perhaps the Vita Assassin’s creed game). Not to mention way too much time spent on that wonderbook thing. Also the Vita had next to no presence in that conference. The thing is dead in the water.

The Last of Us still looks awesome though.


I judge people based on which video game console is their favorite. If yours is the Xbox or the Wii, I automatically think less of you. I’m not proud of this… it’s just how I operate as a diehard Playstation fan.

I really can’t fathom this kind of viewpoint. As a gamer, why would you artificially restrict yourself over some silly “allegiance” to a corporation like that? There are amazing games on every platform. I want to enjoy and experience as many games as I can. Hell, i’m personally not a big fan of sony (That has more to do with the whole rootkit fiasco a couple years ago than it does the playstation brand. But I digress…), but I would have missed out on some unforgettable games if I let a bias like that get in the way.

Its just so… childish. 

This weeks PSN news update has hit, and with it, a genuine megaton of an announcement buried within all the other news -

Starting on October 4, every Tuesday in the month will see several new exclusives on PSN, including Pub Fund titles like Eufloria and Okabu, as well as inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood and PixelJunk Sidescroller. And the program will also feature a selection of “rare classic games” added to the store on October 4, including God Hand, GrimGrimoire, Maximo: Ghosts to Glory, Odin Sphere and Ring of Red. 

If you’re familiar with some of the games named at the end there, you’d know that those are PS2 games.

Yes, Sony has rather unceremoniously announced PS2 emulated games to be sold on the PSN store. Whether or not this is a one-of type situation, or something we’ll be seeing more of soon, is anyones guess. Given most developers’ love of the free money from people rebuying digital versions of their games, I dont think this is the last we’ll see or hear about PS2 games ending up on the PSN. The question is more, whats next?

(Via: Industry Gamers)